English place names that I like Mucklestone, Loggerheads, Much Wenlock,Weston-under-Lizard, Little Ness, Felton Butler . . . more
The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Each month, we read one of the Discworld novels, going in chronological order; we then summarise, dissect and discuss it in front of a microphone, in three parts. We point out literary devices, track character development, highlight bits we liked (and, more reluctantly, bits we didn’t), and go down tangential research rabbit holes. . . . more
PSA: Remove your Google+ share buttons Don't spend hours updating your skyscraper content only to leave that unhappy relic at the top of the page. Let the poor thing go. . . . more
Suffolk Anyway, looking up is unnerving. Suffolk sky is huge: Endless, mottled, flecked with birds, it grants nothing to the imagination. . . . more
Cocoon When I was smaller than my grandmother, she used to let me have a bath in her dark green en suite (I have since heard avocado bathrooms referred to sneeringly, but I thought it was wonderful). . . . more
How to write a sample voice-over script A corporate video can be business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or the manifestation of an executive ego with too high a budget (EE2HB). . . . more
An unlikely source of names I can’t vocalise why particular combinations – Matthew Grief, Gloria Swarm, Jebediah Vault – sound so funny, but they are very satisfying. Often, the results of trying to find these names are trounced by coincidence. . . . more
15 Tips for Self-Employed Procrastinators Walk the dog. Pine forests are best for really long walks. The needles make a springy, well-drained soil which is easy on the joints and never too muddy. . . . more
How to Proofread Part One How to Proofread, Part 1: Proofreading Your Own Work Submitting a piece of writing feels sublime. The slog is over, the deadline has been hit (or missed, but at least it’s not getting any missed-er), it's out of your hands. But the satisfaction glistens with greasy anxiety. How many mistakes did you miss? Checking your own work is hard. Once you’ve stared at a… . . . more
Keeping Track: Freelance Writing with ADHD
(Guest Post on NicoleDieker.com)
ADHD affects an offensively large section of behaviour called executive functioning. Executive functioning, when it’s, er, functioning, helps you plan, keep track of time, pay attention and — importantly for this article — bolsters your working memory and helps you think creatively. . . . more
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