Typewriter on old desk Essential Reading for Writers: Zen in the Art of Writing Zen in the Art of Writing is a window into the mind and working process of a man famed for his prolific, beautiful prose. It is an immensely valuable resource. Most importantly, it is delightful. Bradbury used words in new and delicious ways whenever he wrote; including in his meta work. There is a physical… . . . more
Notebook open on double page of handwriting Pen & paper There is something beautiful and inviting about a creamy, blank, ruled page. A pristine notebook is like a fresh sheet of snow: novel, crisp, vibrating with possibilities. And, like snow, once you touch it… it's ruined. . . . more
Microphone head on black background Audio distraction They are the invention that has made aeroplane and train travel bearable (screaming children? What screaming children?) They are the gadget that means I can work on an article while my husband plays Mad Max (PS4) in the same room (to whoever made the driving sound effects for that game: I hate you deeply). . . . more
Screenshot of Q10 and the first few lines of this article Q10 – Inexplicably good Despite the age-related limitations, I’m genuinely enjoying this app. It’s very effective for focus, and just customisable enough to be enjoyable while not straying into “let’s spend three hours fiddling with the controls” territory. I easily get this review typed out with barely any pause - and then use Q10 to write a couple of… . . . more
Typewriter and laptop keyboard blurred together Writing with distraction Pre-Internet, I imagine writers' distraction came in the form of external surroundings: documents strewn on desks, friends calling by, potential sandwiches singing their siren songs. To an extent, we are still susceptible to these tangents. I have never been so intimately interested in laundry as when I’m meant to be beginning an article in which… . . . more
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