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Need a content writer in the UK? Look no further. I write and edit tailored blogs and articles for business websites: news posts, interviews, product highlights and informational copy.

A blog worth having

An optimistically created but long-abandoned ‘blog’ tab is a common feature on business websites.

Business owners include a blog page on their websites because they know that relevant industry information and news can:

  • Bring new traffic to a website via search engines
  • Increase brand authority and gravitas
  • Encourage repeat visits

Unfortunately, many small businesses and start-ups don’t have the time or resources to maintain a blog that’s worth the menu bar real estate.

It takes time to comb through industry news and decide what’s worth reporting. It takes a specific skill set to turn that information into engaging blog posts that rank well on Google.

That’s where I come in – I know where to look for content ideas, how to present it to different audiences, and how to make sure search engines can find it.

Good content = valuable content

Bleep bloop. Feed me keywords.

You know when you’re stuck on something, turn to Google and find websites full of ‘content’ that doesn’t even make sense? It can seem like it’s been put together by an SEO-obsessed robot.

How about when you wade through all that alphabetti spaghetti, only to find out it doesn’t even contain the answer to your question?

Yeah. Not a good look for a business.

Search engines are finally cottoning on to a seriously annoying trend: keyword-stuffed content that provides no value to the reader. Google and friends penalise paint-by-numbers web pages and give extra points to sites that are worth reading.

This is very good news for me, as it means that useful website content is in demand again. My posts are written with SEO in mind, but readability and reader value come first.

Valuable blog posts and articles tell the reader something new. They can showcase your company’s expertise, make your website more authoritative, and foster positive connotations with your brand. They can generate new business and keep current clients impressed.

Singular success

Freelance writing. Suits: optional. Coffee: obligatory.

Using a copywriter (singular) rather than a content writing service (multiple writers working on a third-party platform) has several advantages:

  • Know who you’re dealing with: large platforms will often match you with writers you’ll never speak to (or be able to vet)
  • Get your message across: speaking one-on-one with a writer means that the nuances of your requirements are not lost
  • Unique packages: we can negotiate a deal that makes sense for you, rather than relying on a few cookie-cutter packages
  • Feel-good factor: I’m not going to crack out the tiny violin, but it does feel better to deal with small businesses, right?

Hire a professional blog and article writer

If you need consistently good, up-to-date posts for your business’s blog, you should speak to a professional writer.

And (ahem) as you’re already here, I’ll gently suggest that you drop me a line.

I’ve been working as an editorial professional – journalist, editor, copy-writer – for over a decade. In that time, I’ve learned to dig into niche industries to find the most useful information, and how to angle it to engage your target audience.

We can talk about the sort of topics you’d like to cover and the image you’d like to project.

We can begin a blog from scratch, or start by going over your existing content, refreshing and upgrading what you’ve already got.

Email or phone +44 (0)7899 688064.

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