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Work with a local writer – receive unique, high-calibre content for your Bury St Edmunds business.

An optimistically created but long-abandoned ‘blog’ tab is a common feature on business websites.

Business owners included a blog page because they know that relevant industry information and news can:

  • Bring new traffic to a website via search engines
  • Increase brand authority and gravitas
  • Encourage repeat visits

Unfortunately, as many Bury St Edmunds businesses have found out, it’s pretty time-consuming to keep a blog updated with recent news and engaging articles.

Why hire a professional writer for blog posts?

This is a fair question – just about anyone can write a blog post. The challenge comes in writing high-quality, useful, relevant blog posts on a regular basis. This is where some experience and expertise comes in handy.

You can buy cheap content from third-party websites but, unless you get lucky, the final product is not going to help your brand image.

Posts with odd sentence structure (or landing pages “SEO-optimised” beyond readability) do your reputation more harm than good. Additionally, an alarming amount of cheap blog posts turn out to be plagiarised from elsewhere on the web.

Not only do readers click away from churned out copy, but search engines do as well. Google-and-co have started to penalise websites that stuff their pages with low-effort content.

Why hire a Bury St Edmunds-based copy-writer?

Another good question – in an increasingly web-based world, a lot of us (myself included) do more and more business remotely. However, there are some advantages to working with local writers and editors:

  • Face-to-face meetings get everyone on the same page – a lot of nuance is lost via email
  • Local writers are more likely to be reliable – personal contact inspires loyalty
  • Copy-writers who know Bury St Edmunds may have a better idea of your target audience

Why contact Francine Carrel for blog posts?

I’ve been working in editorial for over a decade. In that time, I’ve learned to drill into niche industries to find the most engaging news and information.

I’ve also become adept at angling that content at different audiences. Whether you’re after B2B, B2C or a mixture of the two, I can help.

Which blog services are available?

  • Editing already-written content to bring it up to standard
  • Writing blog posts on subjects you decide upon
  • Researching new topics and producing content

Email, or call 07899 688 064 for more information.

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