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Keeping Track: Freelance Writing with ADHD

ADHD affects an offensively large section of behaviour called executive functioning.
Executive functioning, when it’s, er, functioning, helps you plan, keep track of time, pay attention and — importantly for this article — bolsters your working memory and helps you think creatively.

Headphones on split background

Podcasts for freelance writers & editors

Podcasts are double-uppers. They entertain me while I rinse dishes. They educate me as I stride, with an air of misleading purpose, from house to coffee shop and back again.

I was introduced to podcasts late in the game – bored, exhausted and sans television after a move in 2015, I Googled “QI facts radio show”.

Typewriter and laptop keyboard blurred together

Writing with distraction

Pre-Internet, I imagine writers’ distraction came in the form of external surroundings: documents strewn on desks, friends calling by, potential sandwiches singing their siren songs.

To an extent, we are still susceptible to these tangents. I have never been so intimately interested in laundry as when I’m meant to be beginning an article in which I have little interest.

However, the vast majority of my distraction comes from the things I use to write: my phone and my computer.

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