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Where to find writing and editing jobs (UK)

Long-term and permanent writing and editing jobs in the UK: not easy to net, but worth it for a writer or editor who wants a bit of stability and experience.

Career writers and editors spend years grafting at a desk job, then try working from home, then pop back into the corporate world, then miss the freedom of freelance… and so on.

Point is, even the most committed freelances have one eye on the job pages, just in case their dream role pops up. Here are some salary-work sites for your bookmark bar.

Websites that list writing and editing jobs


You probably already know Cision as press release pedlar and publisher of the annual State of the Media report. They also post a superb array of media jobs. The two main categories are journalist and PR. Pick your poison and apply. is a professional hub which lists editorial roles all the way from graduate reporter to editorial director. While you’re there, check out their blog for industry-relevant news and analysis, plus top tips for journos and a selection of (London-based) training courses.

You can also follow them on Twitter.

Press Gazette

Also a top source for trade-related news. Keep an eye on the news pages for legal changes, movers and shakers, new publications etc.

Media Groups & Publishers Job Pages

It’s also worth checking these pages semi-regularly – quite often, publishers and media groups only advertise vacancies on their own sites and through word of mouth.

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